BSNL DSL W200 SY firmware upgrade solves all its existing problem


If you have a BSNL DSL W200-SY ADSL modem chances are, you have encountered a couple of problems with this particular type of modem. One is the DHCP issue and other is the modem setup page not opening with ‘admin’ username and password. Today I am going to explain how to solve these issues with a simple firmware upgrade.


What are the existing problems?

  1. DHCP issue: When your modem could not assign an IP dynamically to its connected host, this particular type of problem arises. Due to DHCP problem when you try typing ‘ipconfig’ command on cmd it will only show you the IP address as 169.254.×.×  instead of 192.168.1.×. Also, the default gateway field will remain blank. This particular type of IP(169.254.×.×) is called link-local IPV4 address. The 169.254.×.× range of IP is reserved by Microsoft for private network addressing when a host fails to get IP from the connected modem or a router. As a result, you won’t get the internet. If you want to know more on this problem please see this article- DHCP issue of modem/router.
  2. Modem setup page or configuration page issue: When this type of problem occurs you won’t be able to access the modem setup page. The login with usual username and password( in this case admin) fails to open the page. If you are using chrome, you might get a repeated message saying the connection to the site is not private.

All you need to do is upgrade the firmware to get rid of these problems.

prerequisite: keep your broadband username and password handy before upgrading the firmware because we are going to hard reset the modem.

How to upgrade the firmware?

First of all, download the firmware from the link given below: (21879 downloads)


Step 1: Reset the modem

Press and hold the reset button placed on the back panel of your ADSL modem. Release the button after 15-20 Sec once the LEDs on the modem starts flickering. Wait for 1-2 minutes and try opening the modem setup/configuration page with

Step 2: Backing up ROM file

It is always a good practice to back up your modem’s ROM file.

Go to MaintenanceFirmwareclick on ROMFILE SAVE

Step 3: Upgrade

Go to MaintenanceFirmware New Firmware Locationchoose file

Browse the firmware that you have downloaded and click on upgrade. Wait for few minutes before it asks to put username and password.

Step 4: Reconfigure your ADSL modem

After upgrading the firmware you need to reconfigure the modem. If you don’t know how to configure the modem, don’t worry, we have everything you need. Read this article- How to configure BSNL DSL W200-SY modem. I hope this helps you.

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48 Responses

  1. Santsosh says:

    Thanks a lot prabhakar for kind support. I have just upgraded myrouter today with your help.

  2. Daren says:

    Can someone confirm that the issue is resolved?
    It looks to be the same version of FW that my modem already has with the troubles.

  3. Daren says:

    I have unch of these modems purchased from BSNL and having this problem.
    I just upgraded your FW on one of it and waiting. I see that the FW version details remains the same.
    Normally this problem comes after one day of resetting the router.
    Can not open page, can not login with admin.

  4. Daren says:

    Hi, Prabhakar,
    I am assigning IP manually. No DHCP. DHCP is only for wireless connections.

  5. Daren says:

    When there is a problem or want some MAC to add the list, I can not access the modem.
    All the way I have to reset, reconfigure and when there are 25 modems at a place you can imagine the trouble!

  6. Daren says:

    Does the manufacturer exist?
    Can we contact them?

  7. Shardool Trivedi says:

    Ive tried everything and ive factory reset d device twice using dt button on d back of d router but it still says “ur connection to this site is not private” nd login admin nd passwrd admin is failing…is dere a setting in d netwrk n sharing centre dt i can change o some xyz service

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi Shardool, i suggest you to reset it one or two time more. Sometimes it needs multiple hard reset to make it work. So go ahead and reset it one more time. once you reset the router, you need to do two things, first update the firmware and then change the default ip address of your router to something other than you can do so by going to LAN tab of your router. Make it for example. Check this link:
      please do inform if it works for you.Cheers.

  8. Thirunavukarasan says:

    Quick question! Is this a good modem? Should I replace it and buy something like TP-Link? I did upgrade the firmware and the issue is resolved. However, I feel like 1700 Rs is too much for this modem. What do you think? Also, may I know the source of the firmware file so that I can keep tabs on the update. If you rewrote the firmware, kudos to you! Can you share the source on GitHub?

    • prabhakar says:

      Hey there, glad your problem was solved. As long as it is working, keep it. Besides it has 5 years of warranty period too.
      Still if you are not satisfied or you need some extra fancy features, you can go with D-Link modem router rather than TP-Link.
      Nope, i did not write it, i got it from one of my friend. Cheers.

      • Thirunavukarasan says:

        Thank you for your quick response Prabhakar. Is it possible to get the source code of the firmware? I’d really like to see what the issue was and how it was patched.

        • prabhakar says:

          Not sure about that. I have tried to contact the manufacturere several times, but there was no proper contact information provided anywhere. Sorry about that.

          • Thirunavukarasan says:

            I actually tried it myself and then found your blog. I was hoping that you could contact your friend and ask him how he patched it. I honestly would like to know about the patch as it could help a lot of people if the ‘fix’ is open sourced or known. I see a lot of forum with unanswered questions. Hope you could help! 🙂 I hope a tech savvy person like yourself would understand!

          • prabhakar says:

            Sure. Drop me a mail at I would let you know if i got anything worth sharing. Cheers.

  9. KunhiMohammed Ealachola says:

    I was not getting internet today. Modem LED for internet was red. I registered a complaint to BSNL through phone in the morning and called one of the BSNL engineers in our area to know what is the problem exactly. He told me that there is virus attack , and a lot of BSNL modems in our area have been affected. He asked me to bring the modem tomorrow to BSNL office to reconfigure it.I was not so patient to wait one day to sort the problem out. I tried to enter the modem by typing IP address, but it was not opening. Then I searched web sites for help, and met yours. I followed instructions exactly as you mentioned here and succeeded. Thanks a lot, May Allah bless you.

  10. aayush says:

    i tired putting the downloaded link u have provided but a message saying wrong file selected is popping up.

  11. ABHILASH SP says:

    Dear Mr Prabhakar. Really appreciate your efforts to share knowledge. Thanks. I had same issue as that of Mr Aayush, but the problem solved once I extracted firmware from zip file and then selected the file again. I could update firmware subsequntly. I did the reconfiguration too. But still the red light remains red light. Any other option? BSNL guys have asked to bring modem to their office. I want to settle it somehow!!

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi @Abhilash, since when you are getting red light on your modem?
      If you are having this issue from last 7 days, then your modem is probably affected. Please repeat the process once more.
      However if you are gettiing the red led recently, then problem could be on the internet port.
      A red light on your modem only does not mean that you are affected. There could be few more reasons behind that. One major reason of getting red light on your modem(besides getting affected) is if the physical internet port at your local exchange does not match with the port that is configured on software. if that is the case, then you should visit your local exchange. Hope this helps.

  12. Tanay says:

    Hi Prabhakar
    I was facing automatic redirect issue after I reset my router using your guide due to red light issue.
    I had scanned all my devices but couldn’t solve the issue.
    Then I upgraded firmware and took secure measures as you mentioned.
    Now everything is fine.
    Thanks a million Bro.

  13. nishant says:

    my modem is syrma adsl2 bsnl modem. is there any software update available for this modem?
    i am not able to open router config page i.e. page.

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi Nishant, you can upgrade your modem with the firmware that I have provided in this article.
      If you are not able to login config page. Do this:
      1. Reset your modem.
      2. login to your modem.
      3. upgrade the firmware
      4. Re-configure the modem.
      That’s it.
      Let me know if you need any help with above-mentioned steps.

      • Nishant says:

        I have already updated with update available on this page
        and i ave reset my modem and re-configured it twice but still i am facing the problrm.
        when i am opening page, chrome browser is showing my connection is not secure.

  14. sandeep gupta says:

    thanx prabhakar really helpfull
    thanx again bro

  15. Vineet says:

    Can you suggest me a better substitute for the one that BSNL provides? Thanks in advance.

  16. Rajeev says:

    Dear Mr Prabhakar,
    I have Supernet BSNL DSL W200 modem (not SY). Will the firmware provided by you will be valid for this modem also? I am facing red light issue since last week of Jul 2017. After resetting, everything starts working but it is so for only few hours and red light again appears and connection is disrupted. BSNL guys are suggesting to buy a new router, which I don’t think is a right option unless I try everything and fail. Thanks in anticipation. Please advise.

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi Rajeev, it should work with DSLW200. I have tested it. But if it won’t work, then you have to replace your modem. Feel free to contact me if you want any suggestion to buy a new modem.

  17. aishwarya says:

    i am facing the same issue . it gets resolved a soon i reset my modem and reconfigure it,but it is a temporary solution, and the light goes red again after sometime. my modem is supernet infocom, model no DSLW200 . i tired to upload ur firmware but my modem rejected it . can u please help

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi Aishwarya, if you are not able to upload the firmware, then there could be an issue with the modem itself. Please message us on our Facebook page to get online support. Cheers.

  18. Samir Sinha says:

    Hi Prabhakar,
    My Modem ADSL2 CPEs Type W2 frequently gives RED button on Internet. I reset the config and ACTIVATE the modem, after some time, say 2-3 hours it again turns to RED, I mean that Internet one. Also ID n Password changes, like multiplay, again I have to change and SAVE, then only it runs for few hours. But after sometimes Internet button becomes RED, and I have to Activate in the setting and change password to run the Modem. Pl guide that Modem does not reset again n again. Thanks n regards Samir

  19. Prateek says:

    This really worked for me…..Thank you for the firmware…..i used to have frequent cut of internet in 15-30 mins… was very frustrating…..i used to hard reset it again and again…..but after i updated the firmware there are no issues… has been 3 days to the firmware update and i got no issues till now. thanks!!! It works!!!

  20. dhruv says:

    how to port forward in this router ?

  21. Mrityunjoy choudhury says:

    Hi Prabhakar. I am also facing the same red light problem for the power led. My modem model is DSLW200. And most importantly the modem is not taking the reset. Nothing at all. BSNL is saying that the modem is defected. I am clueless.

  22. balaji says:

    i have supernet infocomm bsnl dslw200 modem

    …the os you provided will also support this modem or noy?? and its safe to upgrade it without the knowledge of bsnl authorities??

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