Configuration and setup of BSNL ADSL modem

Hello guys, if you are searching for a guide to configuring BSNL DSL W200-SY wireless modem then you are in a right place. This post will guide you step by step to configure this ADSL modem. It will take you only 10 minutes to complete the installation and configuration.

[Important Notice: Out of the topic though. Recently, all over India BSNL got attacked with malware, due to this many broadband users across the country have faced internet issue (most commonly a RED Led glowing on their modem). I have written a post on how to restore a malware affected BSNL modem and how to avoid such situation. If you are using BSNL provided modem, I urge you all to go through this post after reading this article]

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Step 1:  A quick setup

I am providing you info-graphic below to understand quickly the setup process.


The main line from Telephone pole will go to a small device called ADSL splitter. The splitter has one input i.e. main telephone line and two output, one is phone and other is the modem. You need to connect an RJ 11 cable coming out from the splitter Phone port to your Telephone and from splitter modem port to the ADSL modem. Now connect the one end of RJ45( LAN/Ethernet) cable to one of the LAN port of your modem and another end to your PC/Laptop.

Follow the above infographics if you have any problem connecting the device to your PC/Laptop. I hope you have completed the connection and I will assume now that you have connected the modem to your PC/Laptop.

Step 2: Manually assigning IP to your PC/Laptop

Now this step is not absolutely necessary for every ADSL modem but this particular modem of BSNL has a legacy of not being able to provide IP dynamically to its connected device. So it is always a good practice to assign IP manually to your PC/Laptop before using it. To do this:

A)  Go to Control panel of your computer. If you find difficulty finding the control panel on your PC/Laptop just press the windows button showed below in red circle and R together( Win +R) on your keyboard.



Now run screen will appear. Type ‘control panel’ without the inverted comma on the little box as shown on the image below and hit Enter.

bsnl-modem-configurationB) Go to Network and the internet → Network and sharing center → change adapter settings (on top right corner).

Now a screen appears showing your network connections.

bsnl-modem-configurationC) Right click on “Ethernet” or “Local Area Connection” whatever it appears. On my Laptop, it is showing as Ethernet and someone else’s PC it might show like ‘Local Area Connection’. After right clicking on it select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP V4) and then again click on properties.

Here you need to provide IP address manually. Follow the below given image and put it on your PC accordingly. Once you are done putting the IPs, click OK.



Now if you are connecting more than one PC/Laptop using the ethernet cable then you should assign different IP to each one of them. For example, if you are using 3 PC/Laptop connected via Ethernet cable then do it as mentioned below.

1ST PC/LAPTOPIP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
2nd PC/LaptopIP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
3rd PC/LaptopIP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

After assigning the IP we will now put your broadband user id and password in the modem.

P.S : – You can assign any IP to your PC/Laptop ranging from to 192.168.254.  But please do remember the fact that you can not assign the same IP to two devices. If I put it in simple, assign one unique IP to each connected PC/Laptop. Otherwise, IP Conflict will occur.

STEP 3: Configuring Your Modem

The real part comes now. We will configure the modem now

A) Type on your PC browser( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer etc)


Upon typing, you will be asked for a username and password. Type

Username: admin

Password: admin

Press Enter now.



B) Now you will see a device status page.




C) Now click on Interface setup and then on the internet.



Here you need to select ISP: PPPoA/PPPoE

VPI=0, VCI= 35

And fill service name: BSNL

Username: this will be your broadband user id. BSNL(internet service provider) will provide this at the time of connection. Contact BSNL if you don’t know the username.

Password: password

Once you get you get your username, put it on the appropriate field. After putting username and password click on SAVE button.

D) Wifi Setup


To set up your wifi, click on wireless.

Check Access Point Activated.

Wireless Mode: 802.11 b+g+n

SSID: Put any name here. This will be your wifi access point name.

Authentication type: WPA-PSK/WPA 2 PSK

Encryption: TKIP/AES

Pre-shared key: This will be your wifi password.

Wireless Mac address Filter: Deactivated.

Now click on SAVE button and close the browser.

A quick tip, you should change the wifi password of BSNL modem regularly to protect your network.

You have now successfully configured your modem. You will notice that ‘Internet’ LED will now turn green from red and will start blinking.

I suggest you upgrade the firmware of this modem immediately after configuration is done.

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  1. praveen says:

    Thanks bro it really helped

  2. neelakantan says:

    you have contributed a very helpful tutorial, explaining step by step with great clarity

  3. HI bro i was also facing the same issue, i did this steps, but again i choose to reset by pining the reset hole at back of the router. Now the issue which i am facing is my wlan led has stopped blinking or in other word i would say it is off. and i am not able to connect to any device since the wifi is not appearing. please bro help me out with this.

    • prabhakar says:

      Hi harshad, have you reconfigured the device after doing the reset?
      If not then reconfigure it. And the wlan led is not blinking because you have not activated it.
      Login to and then click on interface setup – wireless – and click on activate the access point . And then put wifi password and save it.
      Hope this helps your problem.

  4. Rahul says:

    hey i have the same settings as listed by you. internet is workind perfect on my pc(wired conection) but it is not working over wifi. plz help.

  5. JHULAN MAHATO says:



    Thanks Pravakar bhai it is really very very helpful to BSNL BROADBAND MAINTENANCE STAFF & BROADBANDU SER . you have contributed a very helpful tutorial, explaining step by step.


  7. akshay says:

    Hello, It is nice tutorial sir
    Please post an artical about how to restrict/limit wifi speed in bsnl router.

  8. Debraj says:

    Hi man i hv follwed allthe steps but still it is showing no network connection please help and allthe wire connections are proper.

  9. jraju says:

    Hi, nice tutorial. But what about security aspect? Recently some of the modem got vulnerability attack and BSNL asked their users to change the admin pw.Is there any change in the configuration after BSNL changes from 2g to , 3g..4g.Please include that in a separate or in this article

  10. mahesh says:

    login use and password – admin admin not working here…. pls help

  11. suma says:

    Hi prabhakar. In my modem- DSLW200-SY internet is Red led. I reset and reconfigured. wifi is working, internet is not working. i tried upgrading firmware also.

    • prabhakar says:

      First thing first, if you are getting a RED internet led, then you are not connected to the internet. So you will also not get the internet over wifi. May be you are getting that wifi symbol.
      For online support chat with us directly on our facebook page. I will try to figure out the issue. See you there.

  12. Shashit Thakur says:

    Hello Sir
    Is BSNL DSLW200-SY and Tp link TD-8961N have same comparison?

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