How to access both internet and office intranet(with LAN) at the same time.


Do you use both intranet and internet at your office? Do you need to change and replug the LAN cable every time while switching to/from internet or intranet? or how often have you thought while working in your office that I wish I could watch a video on YouTube or may be check Facebook timeline and also use your office intranet network at the same time. Don’t worry, I will show you how to do this.

In order to use two network at the same time you need to have two separate Network Interface Card(NIC) installed on your PC/Laptop. One is LAN adapter through which you will be using your office intranet network and other is wireless adapter(wi-fi) to get access to the internet.

My office has a intranet whose IP params are as follows. We will be using these parameters  in this entire post and also while assigning IP manually to LAN adapter:

IP address:

subnet mask:

default gateway:

primary DNS(if any):

secondary DNS(if any):


Open command prompt→Right click→Run as administrator

In command prompt we need to add a persistent route so that you can use both internet and intranet. Now type: route add  -p  mask and press Enter.



Here in our example we are using a Class A IP address. For class A IP address subnet mask is Now you might think what if someone’s IP is like B) or C). Don’t worry i will cover that too. Before that you need to know what class your IP belongs to. Follow this infographic to know.



I have included two examples of Class B and Class C on above infographic. I hope those will clear your doubts. If you have any query please ask on comment section below.

STEP 2: 

Once you have added the route on command prompt, next step will be assigning IP manually to LAN adapter.

A. GO to

For windows xp: control panel→network and internet connection( or network connection)→local area connection

For windows vista: control panel→network and internet→network and sharing center→Manage Network connection(on left side)

For windows 7/8/10: control panel→network and internet→network and sharing center→change adapter settings( on top left corner.)

B. Right click on Local Area Connection  properties → internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)

Here you need to give IP address manually. Follow the below given image. Once you are done putting the IPs, click okip


Note: If you want to delete the route, add this command on cmd(open with administrator right): route delete

Step 3:

We have done all the staffs for Intranet. Now in order to access internet just turn on the WiFi of your PC/Laptop. That’s it.

I hope now you will be able to use both internet and intranet. You may also check whether you are connected to both network or not by using these two command on COMMAND PROMPT:

ping ( To check Internet)

ping ( This is the DNS of intranet that i am using, To check Intranet)

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  1. baddrud zaman says:

    such a helpful article, thanks a lot Prabhakar! keep it up (y)



  3. ROHAN says:

    Sir I have two intranet ie. 1st by ethernet cable
    ip 10 48.100.4
    net mask
    defauly gatway

    2nd by tp link ethernet adapter
    ip 192.168.50 114
    net mask 255 255.255.0
    default gatway

    and internet is through tp link wifi adapter

    please guide me to use all these three at same time in one pc

  4. Easwar says:

    How to access two office intranet network and internet network at same timw

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