Best Postpaid Plan in BSNL – for all type of users

Like many other telecom operators, BSNL too has a range of postpaid plans starting from Rs as low as 99 to Rs 1500 and above.

In this post, I will write about some of the best postpaid plan available in BSNL that is quite affordable and attractive.

Popular BSNL Postpaid tariff plan-chart/table

ParticularsPlan 99Plan 225Plan 325Plan 399Plan 525
Security depositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 500
Free calls/usage worth Rs50180270UnlimitedUnlimited
Call RateRs 0.7/minRs 0.011/sec(bsnl to bsnl) Rs 0.013/sec(bsnl to others)Rs 0.3/min(bsnl to bsnl) Rs 0.5/min(bsnl to others)freefree
Free SMS100 SMS/Month100 SMS/Month100 SMS/Month100 SMS/day100 SMS/day
Free Data500MB/month3GB/Month7GB/MonthUnlimited(30GB/month)Unlimited(40GB/month)
Fixed Monthly Rental(GST Exclusive)Rs 99Rs 225Rs 325Rs 399Rs 525
Free Amazon PrimeNoNoNoYesYes

I have prepared a table explaining some of the most popular BSNL postpaid tariff plans. As all of the above plans have a different range of customers i will try to explain below which postpaid bsnl plan is best for whom.

BSNL Postpaid plan 99, 225 and 325 -best for voice-only users


Rs 99 plan is best for people who want a BSNL postpaid number but they do not really want that number to be a primary number, meaning they do not want to make a regular call from the number. This plan is also ideal for people living in J&K valley, where most of the time only postpaid services remain available due to various reasons.

Plan 225 and 325 is slightly expensive in compared to plan 99, but they offer more data and more free usage, though all the three plans are not truly unlimited i.e plan 99, 225 and 325.

If you do not want to spend more on your postpaid plan and if you use the postpaid number only for some casual calls then you can choose any of the plan 99, 225 or 325 after considering call rate as explained on the above tariff plan.

Which plan is best for BSNL data users?

Rs 399 plan is the best postpaid plan in bsnl, simply because it offers truly unlimited calling to all the other networks both in home circle and in national roaming.
Besides that, it offers 30GB data/ month. If 30 GB data limit gets exceeded within a month then the customer can still enjoy the benefit of unlimited data but with reduced speed of 40KBps.
The best thing is that Rs 399 plan is eligible for free amazon prime account for a period of 1 year.

If you want more data then just 30GB/month then you can choose from any of the below plans-

particularsPlan 399Plan 525plan 725plan 799plan 1125plan 1525
call and smsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Data 30GB/month 40GB/month 50GB/month 60GB/month 90GB/month unlimited
Amazon Primefreefreefreefreefreefree

Free Amazon prime worth Rs 999 with BSNL postpaid

BSNL offers a free Amazon prime account worth Rs 999 for a postpaid plan of Rs 399 and above.

Amazon prime includes –

  • unlimited streaming of the latest movies and TV shows.
  • Free and fast delivery of goods purchased from amazon along with exclusive deals on shopping.
  • Ad-free music with unlimited offline download option.

What could be your total monthly bill?

The total monthly bill or due depends on the plan you choose.


Let’s assume you have a Rs 399 postpaid plan subscribed, then your monthly due/bill would be-

Plan selectedRs 399.00
GST @18%Rs 71.82
Total bill/dueRs 470.82

The above calculation is the same for plan Rs 399 and above.

But the calculation of total due is not the same for plan Rs 99, 225 and 325 plan; as they are not unlimited plans.

Let’s again take an example of Rs 99 plan and try to calculate how much total bill would you pay.

Plan selected =ARs 99.00
Total calls made ( @Rs 0.7/min) = BRs 100.00
C=A+BRs 199.00
Free usage of Rs 50(as per plan) = Rs 199.00-Rs 50.00 =DRs 149.00
GST (@18%)=ERs 26.82
Total Bill=D+ERs 175.82

Same calculation goes for plan Rs 225 and 325.

I hope you have liked this post where I tried to explain which bsnl postpaid plan is suitable for you. If you have any doubts, kindly put it on the comment section below.


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