BSNL FTTH Plan – 2019

When all India is going gaga over Jio GigaFiber, BSNL has plenty to offer in terms of its Fiber reach throughout the country. Today in this post you will get to know about latest BSNL FTTH plan for 2019 launched under the brand of BHARAT Fiber.


All the plans below are applicable in pan india basis.

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Bharat Fiber Plans 2019
BandwidthUpto 50 Mbps till 500 GB, beyond that that 2MbpsUpto 100 Mbps till 750 GB, beyond that 2MbpsUpto 60 Mbps till 750 GB, beyond that 4MbpsUpto 70 Mbps till 1250 GB, beyond that 4MbpsUpto 100 Mbps till 2200 GB, beyond that 8MbpsUpto 100 Mbps till 3500 GB, beyond that 10Mbps
Fixed Monthly Charge(FMC) In Rs
Excluding GST @18%
Total Monthly Bill Including GST @18% IN Rs9171507471970791179920059
Security Deposit (refundable) in Rs777127739995999999916999
Static IPN/AOne @Rs 2000.00 per annumFreeFreeFreeFree
Voice CallingFree and unlimited anywhere in IndiaFree and unlimited anywhere in IndiaFree and unlimited anywhere in IndiaFree and unlimited anywhere in IndiaN/AN/A

Some commonly asked questions by user

What is BSNL FTTH?

BSNL FTTH aka Fiber To The Home is new technology used to provide maximum bandwidth to internet users by using optical fiber cable instead of conventional copper cable to the customer premise.

What is FTTH Broadband?

FTTH broadband and FTTH is similar technology. Since FTTH broadband term sounds more familiar and can one easily relate to broadband service, sometime it is more convenient to say FTTH broadband.

What will be the initial cost to get BSNL FTTH connection

It totally depends upon which plan you want to take. Say, for example, you want to subscribe to FIBRO combo ULD 777 plan, you have to pay demand note of Rs 777 and an additional Rs 500.00 for FTTH modem/ONT security depsoit, which is refundable. So total cost would be 1277 for 777 plan.

How Fast is Fiber To The Home?

More than you probably need. Currently, the speed limit is not with fiber; it is with ISP. A single mode fiber can deliver speed up to 10 Gbps. However, your ISP probably can’t deliver that speed as of now in India.

What is ONT in BSNL?

ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal. It is similar to a DSL Modem used in ADSL broadband technology. An ONT basically converts optical signal coming from the optical fiber to electrical and vice versa.

How does BSNL provide FTTH?

In most of the circles, BSNL has ties up with local cable operator who has already build their optical fiber cable infrastructure in most of the cities.

On the revenue sharing basis, partnering with a local cable operator, BSNL is providing FTTH to their subscribers in many cities and small towns. As the connection part is handled mostly by the third party, FTTH subscribers get a better quality of service.

BSNL FTTH modem/ONT price

BSNL is providing two types of FTTH modem or ONT to their subscriber.


One is Type A – which has no wifi and other is Type B with wifi facility.

If you decide to purchase ONT or ftth modem from BSNL, it will become more expensive. Instead, you can rent on Type A modem at Rs 90/month and buy a WiFi router by yourself, that way you will save lot of money.

Since there are not many ONT or FTTH modem available to buy online or offline as of now, I suggest you to take a Type A ONT from BSNL on rent basis. And buy a WiFi router for BSNL FTTH online.

Here is one that i recommend –

TP_LINK Archer C50


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