Learn how to block wifi users in D-link router using mac address filtering



I know the feeling when any random and unknown people uses your wifi network, making your wifi speed slow and you do not have any idea how to block them from your wireless network.

Believe me… After reading this article, you will be able to block wifi users in the d-link router using MAC address filtering option.

I will show you exactly how to block a device on D-link 2750U, D-link 2730U, D-link DIR series , D-link WBR series wifi router.

So Let’s jump in and I will cover the entire post in 2 steps.



First thing first. Identify who is on your wifi network by using software like ‘Who is on my wifi’ or ‘Fing’.


Here’s a screenshot of ‘who is on my wifi’ software that I use to determine mac addresses of all the connected devices on my wifi network.

Once you find out the list of MAC addresses of all the devices connected to your network, next you have to check for the mac addresses of your own devices. Because this is the only way you filter out the unknown devices.

Don’t worry….. if you do not know how to check mac addresses of your smartphone or PC/Laptop. Check it out below. It will take not more than 2-3 min to figure it out.

After finding out the mac addresses of all the users on your network, I encourage you to prepare a list. This is not absolutely necessary, but believe me, it will make your job easier.

Here’s an example how I did it.



You can download this template file if u wish.




Steps to block MAC address in D-Link router

As there are many different D-Link routers out there with a different user interface, so I have selected some most popular D-link router to cover on this post.

And I am pretty much sure that even if your router is not listed below, you will be able to figure it out how to block wifi users in your D-link router after reading the complete post.


D-Link DSL 2750U

Allow your Devices

First login to router setting or configuration page.

Login to your modem by typing on browser address bar →  when prompted for username and password, put both as ‘admin‘.

Click on Advanced   Advanced Wireless  MAC filtering.

Click on Enable Access Control mode ( This will instantly block all the wifi users on your network).

Now click on Add to add Mac address of the device that you want to allow the wifi connection and hit Apply.

Similarly, put all the MAC addresses that you want to allow on your wifi network.

Disallow or Block unknown devices

You can also block the mac addresses of the devices that you do not want on your network. To do so:

Login to your modem setting page by putting on browser  Enter admin both on username and password field.

GO to Advanced parental control   click on Block MAC address  Click Add.

username »» Any Name.

Click on Other MAC Address »» Enter MAC address that you want to restrict from your wifi network (e.g XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY ).

Now, under Manual schedule, you have two options to choose, you can either block it all the time or on a certain day.

Click on All Day and All week if you want to block them forever and hit Apply.

Repeat this step if you want to block more devices.


D-LINK 2730U

Allow your devices

Log in to router by typing on browser  → Put admin as both username and password  Advanced  Parental Control  Mac Filter  Select Whitelist  Click Add

Username »»  Any Name you want.

Click on Other MAC Address »» Enter MAC address that you want to allow. (Mac address format: XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY ).

Hit Save settings or Apply

P.S: If you whitelist a MAC address, it means you are allowing the device on the network.

Disallow or Block unknown devices

Login to router  Advanced  Parental Control  Mac Filter  Select Blacklist Click Add.

Repeat the above steps that I have shown you.

P.S: If you blacklist a MAC address, it means you are restricting or blocking the device on the network.


D-LINK DIR/WBR series Router

D-LINK DIR 600   D-LINK DIR 615  D-LINK WBR 1310 D-LINK WBR 2310

Although blocking mac address on D-Link DIR or WBR series router is almost similar to above-mentioned steps, still it is important to discuss these popular series routers

Here’s a link to an emulator that is worth checking.

Login to router by typing in a browser’s address bar → Put Username as admin and password is blank(nothing)  Advanced Network Filter/Mac Filter.

Select one option from the dropdown under configure MAC Filtering.


  • Option 1: Turn MAC filter off – This will allow all the users to be connected to your wifi network.
  • Option 2: Turn MAC filtering ON and ALLOW computers listed to access the network – select this option if you want to allow only the known devices to use your wifi.
  • Option 3: Turn MAC Filtering ON and DENY computers listed to access the network- If you select this option and Add MAC addresses below it, then these MAC addresses will get blocked from your network.

Once you select the option you want, the job gets easier for you here. Just select the name of the computer you want to add or block and then click on Save Settings. Or…

You can manually enter MAC addresses of the devices too.

Don’t forget to match the MAC addresses that you have noted down before hitting the save button.

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