How to login airtel 4g hotspot

This post talks about how to login the airtel 4g hotspot device. It is really a very simple procedure. Just follow along…

Every network device has an IP address. This you can relate to the analogy of human name. Like every person has its own name, similarly be it a modem or a router, it has an IP address.

The airtel 4g hotspot device too has an IP address. So, before login to airtel 4g hotspot device, you have to first find its IP address.

1. Connect Your Laptop/PC/Mobile device with Airtel 4g Hotspot WiFi

Firstly, you need to connect your device from where you want to login the hotspot.

Find out the WiFi password or key that is printed on the hotspot itself.

Open the back panel of the hotspot device. Take out the battery, there you will find WiFi Key printed which is nothing but the WiFi password. Note it down.



Now turn on the WiFi of your Laptop/PC/Mobile device and connect it with the hotspot using the printed password.

Once you are connected to your airtel hotspot device, it’s time now to find its IP address.

2. Find IP address and username, password of airtel 4g hotspot

When you open the back panel and take the battery out, you will notice that there are some parameters too like IP, username, password, and SSID.

Now note down the IP address, username and password.


You can see that the IP address of the hotspot device is written as and username and password as admin. admin is the default airtel 4g hotspot login id and password and is airtel 4g hotspot login IP.


Note it down.

3. Open any browser from where you are connected to the WiFi

Now open any browser from your mobile/Laptop/PC and type on the address bar and hit enter.


Once you enter the IP address, the login screen appears as shown below where you can do any modification to your 4g hotspot.


If you click on any of the navigation menu(Settings, USSD, Check 4G usage etc) you will get redirected to put username and password.

Now put username and password as admin and click on login.


Once you login to your 4g hotspot, you will be able to make any modification, like changing wifi password of airtel 4G hotspot device, changing SSID(WiFi name), change login password, block wifi users, check 4G usage and many more.

Airtel 4G hotspot manual

You may download the airtel 4g hotspot manual and read its features and how to use them to maximize the use of it.

I hope this post on how to login airtel 4g hotspot helped. If you want any help then please put your query on the comment section below or contact me on my facebook page Bpedia. I would love to help you.


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  1. Peter says:

    When I try to login I get a message saying it has timed out. Then when I check the details i get:

    Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
    If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.

    How do I do this?

  2. S.M.MURALI says:

    how to change in multi sim card using to this hotspot

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